You could say I have a moderate purple obsession.... ._._._
Custom HHKB Mod raffle coming very soon. Keep an eye out!_._._._
MitchCapped HHKB Custom Mod Raffle is live on MM and GH! ._._._
Some stickers came in today! ._._._
Finally got around to putting keycaps on my m65! Big shout out to _italian_spidrman for the solderin
MitchCapped HHKB Mods v2 coming very soon. This sale will be entirely made of custom orders
Experimenting with some colors on the upcoming gamer sets! Which colors would you like to see_ ._._.
MitchCapped HHKB Mods v2! Featuring some #brocaps !_._._._
DJ play that record one more time!_._._._
MitchCapped PianoKey Raffle Sale and Group buy is live! Link will be posted in my bio shortly!__Ther
HHKB Modifier Custom Sale Coming Monday! Here are some pictures of a few more options! ._._._._
With the last of the HHKB Mods on their way, it's time to introduce my next project! _MitchCapped MX
Blended HHKB modifiers! Custom orders should all ship this week! ._._._
75% of HHKB Mod Orders Ship Today! Here are some pictures of some of the sets shipping today!_._._
MitchCapped custom HHKB mods coming along nicely! Very excited to get these shipped and into your ha
Custom HHKB Mod orders are almost done! Should all be shipped by next week! ._._
MitchCapped PianoKey sale opens 9_00 AM Mountain time October 2nd! Form will be posted on Mechmarket
Single shot custom orders! Packing up orders this weekend!_._._
Clocks PianoKey v2! First attempt at encapsulation!_._._._
The winner of the giveaway post I made previously is _pandaniel721 for a hydro Crappy Cappy! Congrat
MitchCapped PianoKey along the num row! ._._._.
MK discord. ._._._
No-Wipe__So, in an effort to improve my own personal casting skills, a small group buy was ran for t
2 to a raffle near you _) ._._._._._
MitchCapped PianoKey v2 in the Miami Colorway! Really love the way these colors turned out!_._._._
Anytime there has been excess resin, it's gone in to multicolored pianos! It's led to some very inte
The Custom Crappy Cappy orders are almost done! Thank you all so much! ._._._._._._
Amidst all the crap I've been making, I thought that maybe one or two should come with a matching pi
Progress on the custom Crappy Cappys so far!_._._._